Eco Reserva Ojén: A Lush Mediterranean Escape

If you are looking for a day in the midst of a lush Mediterranean forests, rugged rocky landscapes, and picturesque streams with the chance to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape, we recommend a hike through the Eco Reserve Ojén. 

What makes it really specially, is the way you will get in touch with the local flora and fauna. Friendly guides (all of them work there as volunteers) will happily answer you any questions about the ecosystem, explain how many of the plants found in this forest have been used for medical purposes and help you to get really close to the mammals of the 800 hectares big natural reserve.

It is hard to express in words how it feels to pet a 250kg heavy deer and touch its huge antler. The animals are so used to be around humans, because they are fed on a daily basis by the volunteers and have learnt from their early days that humans do not mean any harm to them. This explains, why a herd of young deers, chamois and even wild boars are happy to accompany a bunch of people on their way through the forest. 

Without a doubt, this is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience and absolutely worth the effort. Even though the entry fee is not cheap, it is important to know that all the money goes entirely to the conservation and protection of this beautiful place on earth with all its flora and fauna, including the Iberian lynx, chameleons and a variety of birds

The reserve also offers guided tours of the area’s rich cultural heritage, including the visit to the traditional oil mill, where visitors can learn about the process of olive oil production.

In summary, Eco Reserva Ojen is a must-visit destination for families, nature enthusiasts and those interested in learning about sustainable practices in a familiar atmosphere.

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